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Comprehensive community planning continues to gain ground in Quebec

Since 2016, we’ve been supporting First Nations in their journey toward comprehensive community planning (CCP). As part of a mandate given to us by the Chiefs at their Assembly, who passed two resolutions confirming our role, we coordinate initiatives to support CCP in our area. The support of the Chiefs has legitimized our work and enabled us to contribute to the regional rollout of CCP.

"Measure what matters to you and the changes that you really want to see for your people."

Gwen Philips

A brief history of CCP

The first CCP pilot was funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada in 2016 and was designed to support two First Nations with their CCP initiatives for an initial period of three years. A call was sent out to First Nations in Quebec, and seven expressed an interest in participating. A task force consisting of representatives from the FNQLSDI and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) then contacted the interested First Nations and developed an initial work plan for the rollout of CCP.

The Abitibiwinni First Nation and the Kebaowek First Nation were the first to participate, soon followed by the Kahnawà:ke, Listuguj and Uashat mak Mani-Utenam First Nations as additional funding became available.

Seven years later, we are fortunate to welcome and support more than 15 First Nations in their CCP initiatives, with more joining every year.

Sharing the CCP journey

CCP continues to gain ground through the commitment, strength and expertise of thousands of people. We are honoured to walk alongside Chiefs, governments, CCP coordinators, planning teams and all First Nations citizens. Thank you for charting your CCP path to self-determination, self-sufficiency and healing.

Changes in the relationships between partners have also contributed to the growing adoption of CCP. We work hard to create an environment of trust and respect. Embodying these values has enabled us to create a regional vision with all partners, i.e., CCP coordinators representing the ISC Regional Office.

"By 2025, all First Nations in Quebec will have access to the support that they need to chart their CCP path to self-determination and self-sufficiency. This support will include funding, mentorship, capacity building, tools and resources, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

All partners involved will have a shared understanding of the importance and positive impact of community planning and will maintain mutually beneficial, meaningful and equitable relationships based on trust and respect."