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Combining indigenous knowledge and science to protect woodland caribou

Project carried out in collaboration with an Innu First Nation

In 2023, we were lucky enough to accompany an Innu First Nation on an aerial survey of woodland caribou on their traditional land. To obtain a complete picture of the caribou population in the target area, it was essential to combine indigenous knowledge with science.

We collaborated with a community project manager to interview elders and land users. These interviews enabled us to take stock of traditional knowledge about woodland caribou in the surveyed area, and to complete our portrait of the population.

Ensuring the survival of woodland caribou and the Innu way of life

The aim of this collaboration with the Innu First Nation was to contribute to the creation of a protected area. It will also help us to better understand the state of the local caribou population, to ensure its sustainability, and to maintain the Innu way of life and the essential coexistence with caribou.