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Area of expertise

Providing spaces for sharing between First Nations

Circle of practice in comprehensive community planning

A place to gather and help each other

If you are looking for a place to share, network, explore new ways of doing things and learn from the experiences of other First Nations, the circle of practice in comprehensive community planning (CCP) is for you.

This circle of practice is a welcoming, non-judgmental space for First Nations to share their CCP stories and expertise. It is open to anyone involved in First Nations planning in Quebec and Labrador.

The circle meets once a month on Zoom. Simultaneous interpretation (English and French) is always available. When possible, the circle also meets in person once or twice a year for community visits, cultural activities, training, talks, to share a meal, and more. Our gatherings are valuable opportunities to strengthen ties, learn together and help each other grow.

A virtual space for CCP

We have created a virtual space for CCP in partnership with First Nations. Nikan Skátne is a platform that reflects our shared vision of ensuring access to CCP as a means for First Nations to chart their path to self-determination, self-sufficiency and healing.

The platform is set to launch soon.

Tools and resources

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