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Solar energy on the land: where to start?

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Training on request only

Interested in a small off-grid solar installation for your cottage, camp or RV? We can come to you to offer off-grid solar energy training. With this training, which is both theoretical and practical, you’ll discover the basics of electricity, as well as calculating energy needs, practicing assembling a small solar system, and much more.

Our course is designed for anyone interested in solar energy. No prior knowledge is required. Topics can be adapted to the group’s general experience.

*2-day training

A comprehensive training course for everything you need to know about small solar systems

  • The basics of electricity
  • How to be energy efficient
  • How to calculate your energy needs
  • Existing technologies
  • The placement, orientation and mounting of solar panels
  • Programming the solar charge controller
  • Component assembly, best practices and safety
  • Common problems and troubleshooting

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