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Launch of our new brand image and website

6 November 2023

C’est avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme que nous dévoilons aujourd’hui notre nouvelle identité visuelle ainsi que notre nouveau site internet. Il s’agit d’un changement d’image global pour notre organisation dont le premier logo avait vu le jour lors de sa création en 2000.

Après plus de deux décennies de constante évolution de l’IDDPNQL, nous modernisons notre image pour mieux refléter qui nous sommes. Cette refonte permet aussi de s’adapter aux nouvelles réalités numériques et nous doter de meilleurs outils.

What we present to you today is the result of an in-depth strategic thinking exercise to clarify our mission, vision and values and to focus our actions on the needs and issues of First Nations. The new brand image embodies our values and identity in a more modern way. It honours our origins while projecting the organization into the future.

Alain BédardDirector, FNQLSDI

Our new website, also launched today, aims to make the full range of our services and resources more accessible to help First Nations implement their vision for sustainable development.

Of course, our commitment to our mission remains unchanged, and our organization will continue to to serve First Nations with dedication and passion.

What does the new logo stand for?

Found in many First Nations cultures, the feather is a powerful Indigenous symbol of courage, strength and respect. In our logo, the feather reaffirms our Indigenous identity and illustrates our commitment to and respect for different cultures. It also represents nature and wildlife.

The tree rings represent our connection to the land and the inextricable link between past and future generations. Our actions, rooted in the knowledge and traditions of past generations, are carried out with an eye to their impact on the land and future generations.

This visual element represents both the ripples of the water and the vibrations of the drum. The ripples in the water are a reminder of the impact of our actions on the land and on living things. The vibrations of the drum evoke the unifying power of the drum and the inextricable link between culture and land for First Nations. We are recognized for our ability to bring together stakeholders to support First Nations’ sustainable development actions and enable them to join forces to achieve this common goal.

The circle is a powerful symbol. It has no beginning and no end. It represents the cycles of life and the seasons, as well as notions of equity and interconnectedness between people, land and animals. We recognize this interconnectedness and the fact that everyone has a role to play in achieving the goals of sustainable development. That’s why working with all stakeholders and respecting knowledge and different cultures are at the core of everything we do.

We are grateful for the contribution of our internal teams, whose cultural knowledge was essential to the strategic thinking exercise and the creation of this new image, particularly in terms of respecting our identity. We would also like to thank the experts at Dactylo communication for their invaluable support throughout the process.

Our website also showcases the Indigenous talent of photographers from different Nations who transport us to the land, allowing us to contemplate the flora and fauna and highlighting their cultures. We thank them sincerely and encourage you to get to know these artists.

The rollout of our new brand image begins today. Please share this news with your network!

Wliwni, Meegwetch, Mikwetc, Miikwehch, Tshinashkumitin, Niá:wen, Wela’lin, Chiniskomiitin, Tiawenhk, Woliwon, Thank you!