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MELCCFP launches a new call for protected area projects in public, continental and marine areas

5 June 2024

The ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs (MELCCFP) has launched today a call for protected area projects in the continental and marine public territories. This initiative is designed to meet the Quebec government’s commitment to conserve 30% of the province’s continental and marine environments by 2030.

This call for proposals concerns all of Quebec’s continental and marine territories, with the exception of the Nord-du-Québec region (administrative region 10). It is open to all of Quebec’s population and First Nations. It will be open from June 5 to October 15 via the dedicated online platform. In parallel with this call for projects, First Nations always have the possibility of submitting their projects directly to the Minister as set out in Article 4.3 of the Natural Heritage Conservation Act.

Our role in the call for projects is specific to First Nations with the exception of those living in the Nord-du-Québec region. It consists of promoting the call for projects, encouraging mobilization, and above all, offering you customized support throughout the process. We are available to support you in submitting your proposals, as well as with all the subsequent stages. Upon request, we can provide explanatory documents specific to the process for First Nations applicants.

To find out more about our role and how to contact us, please visit our dedicated web page.

First Nations have always played a role as guardians of the territory and its resources. We want them to continue to play a leading role in the establishment of protected areas in Quebec. By promoting this call for projects, encouraging the mobilization of First Nations and providing personalized support throughout the process, we are supporting First Nations in their vision of sustainable development.

Alain BédardDirecteur général de l'IDDPNQL

This announcement follows the Quebec government’s commitments to biodiversity conservation, which include the draft Nature 2030 Plan. With a historic budget of $650 million over seven years, this plan is Quebec’s official response to achieving the Kumming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, notably the goal of conserving 30% of continental and 30% of marine environments by 2030.