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Long-term partnership with Kitcisakik First Nation

A joint project with Kitcisakik First Nation

We have the pleasure of helping Kitcisakik First Nation improve its waste management services as well as waste sorting in the community. Our work includes helping them apply for waste management funding, operate their eco-centre and create awareness tools for community members.

In 2022, we conducted a waste characterization study for Kitcisakik. We then prepared the report and shared it with the community. The report highlighted shortcomings in waste sorting and identified potential solutions.

Working together to improve waste management

Working with the community’s waste management experts, we developed a waste management action plan for 2023–2027. The plan is designed to help the community structure and improve its waste management services, particularly the eoc-centre and recycling services.

Our partnership gets community members directly involved in waste management, creates local jobs and provides training opportunities for community members. And that makes us very proud!