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Management and operation of a composting facility

In this guide, you’ll discover the different stages of the composting service and the main actions to be taken at each stage, from collection to use of the compost.

You’ll also find

  • Basic principles of the composting process
    Parameters to be respected and monitored, problem solving
  • Quality control and data monitoring
    Compost classification, analyzed parameters and analyses
  • Health and safety concepts
    Health impact management, fire prevention and management, and safety equipment
  • Human resources requirements
    People’s roles and responsibilities
  • Training requirements

In the appendix to the operations guide, you will find a number of tools and additional information.

  • Additional references
  • Dewar’s self-heating test
  • A product sheet template
  • A follow-up sheet for the composting process
  • Problem-solving worksheets for temperature, smells and animals
  • A protocol for calculating input revenue
  • Various tests for moisture, porosity and density
  • An example of a logbook for monitoring composting parameters
  • Instructions for compost sampling

Finally, we’ve created an online tracking tool to support you in your day-to-day operations.

Would you like to know more about managing and operating a composting facility? Find out more about our training courses available on request.