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Analyzing mining projects so First Nations can make informed decisions

We have worked with several First Nations to analyze proposed mining projects on their lands. The aim is to summarize the available information and make it accessible to a general public so that members of the First Nation involved can make an informed decision about the project and their relationship with the promoter.

The analysis can also be used to identify all the ways in which a project could impact the land. This information is particularly useful when negotiating with a company and is key to securing targeted measures for the project and to meet the expectations of the First Nations involved.

We can also provide an overview of the companies with operations on First Nations land based on current land claims and territorial boundaries.

Want an overview for your land?

Analyzing projects to secure targeted measures aimed at meeting the expectations of First Nations


Our analyses give technical teams, negotiators and elected representatives a better understanding of projects under development.


First Nations use our analyses as decision-making and negotiating tools for projects that are on or would affect their land.


We present the results of our analyses to the members of the First Nations involved. We also keep First Nations informed of mining activities happening on their lands.