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Developing impactful measures to protect the environment and defend First Nations rights

In providing support for the negotiations on impact and benefit agreements (IBA), we’ve helped include measures to protect the environment and First Nations rights. That has involved holding consultations with the members and environmental departments of the First Nations involved, as well as environmental organizations and university researchers.

To define the measures, we draw inspiration from international standards used to provide environmental certification for mining activities. Every time we support a negotiation, we add to our arsenal of measures to protect the environment and First Nations rights, which we’re then able to pass on to the First Nations we work with.

Jonathan LaunièreEconomic and business relations coordinator at Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation, commenting on the negotiations for the cooperation agreement between Pekuakamiulnuatsh Takuhikan and Métaux NioBay Inc. for the Crevier mining project.

Protecting the land and defending First Nations rights on mining projects

Protecting sites

Sites of interest, including work exclusion zones, have been successfully protected through FNQLSDI-backed negotiations.

Getting promoters on board

We've secured written commitments from promoters to meet the standards of recognized environmental mining certifications.

Looking out for the environment

The measures negotiated ensure greater First Nations involvement in environmental monitoring and closure planning for mining projects.

Protecting ecosystems

Working with First Nations, we've negotiated special measures to protect fragile ecosystems.