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Ensuring meaningful First Nations participation in impact assessment activities

We have been supporting First Nations to ensure their meaningful participation in impact assessment activities since 2020. Training sessions and consultation meetings held include our “Implementing the Impact Assessment Act” event in September 2022 and our December 14, 2022 webinar on regional assessments and their cumulative effects.

We also provide First Nations with personalized support for impact assessments. We will be consolidating the work begun in recent years and taking new steps through to 2026, with a focus on organizing regional workshops.

Equipping First Nations to participate in consultations and engagement initiatives


We work with First Nations to set up tools and permanent structures and help them acquire the technical expertise to analyze projects, participate in consultations and manage data.


Our aim is to strengthen the organizational capacities of First Nations over the long term.


Our goal is to ensure greater and more meaningful participation by First Nations in the consultations and engagement activities of Canada's Impact Assessment Agency and other federal departments and agencies.


We do everything in our power to improve relations between First Nations and the Canadian Impact Assessment Agency, as well as other federal departments and agencies.